About us

CORONAVIRUS PRECAUTIONS (update 28th June 2020) - We are now open but having to run restricted sessions. For more details click on this link. Check out Chamber Chat for latest information If you need to cancel PLEASE let us know so we can offer your place to someone on our waiting list!

The West Yorkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre was founded in 1984, offering a range of therapies to support the people of the whole of Yorkshire suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. The centre relies solely on donations, subscriptions and fund-raising to provide practical help five days a week.

For anyone, the sudden disclosure that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has appeared in their lives – either because they themselves have been diagnosed, or someone close to them has – will be a major shock generating a need for information, advice and reassurance. We are a self-help Therapy Centre offering assistance to people with Multiple Sclerosis throughout North, East & West Yorkshire. The Centre provides a range of drug-free symptom management therapies as well as advice and support for all those with the illness and their families.

As well as offering facilities for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis we also offer services for people suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Cancer, other Neurological conditions as well as for people with various sports injuries.

Treatment centres across the UK are providing High Dose Oxygen Therapy for diabetic ulcers, carbon monoxide poisoning, non-healing wounds and fractures, stroke and other neurological conditions including brain trauma as witnessed by the well documented recovery of Lance Bombadier Ben Parkinson MBE. The unwanted side effects of tissue damage due to radiotherapy are well known. High dose oxygen provides a means of ensuring the damaged tissues receive enhanced oxygenation to help their healing.

If you wish to discuss these or other conditions, contact our centre manager Joanne Goodwin