Trevor Gledhill, our champion of the supermarket collection has decided to retire.

Trevor has been at the centre for more years than we can remember and raised £1000s and £1000s.  We are  unsure of the exact amount and unable to ask him as he is on holiday in the sun!

Trevor has decided to hang up his 'bucket' and will no longer be doing the supermarket collections. We are sure Trevor would like to thank his merry band of collectors and his very patient wife Pam.

Morrisons Horsforth were sad to see Trevor and Pam go as they had become a part of the Morrisons family.

Joanne will be coordinating the collections along with Trevor's merry band and If anyone else would like to help please speak to Joanne.

Once again Trevor, we take our hats off to you and Pam for your unstinting efforts and  the time you've put in to the Centre to help it be what it is today.

Maybe we can thank the unseasonable rains for spurring the good folks of Horsforth to go shopping instead of sunbathing! Whatever the reason, we had a magnificent holiday collection. Many thanks once again to all at Morrisons Horsforth for donating another £459.44 to our charity collection last Mon/Tue 07/08 August and no little thanks to our trusty collectors too!

Dave Butler's plucky carers abandoned a perfectly serviceable aircraft to plummet  1800 feet to earth to help rise funds for the centre - with the aid of a parachute of course.


Dave's regular visits to the centre helps relieve some of the symptoms of his MS. To help support Dave and the centre he relies so much on, Lee and Loran decided to undertake a fundraising skydive.

Their bravery resulted in a magnificent donation of £1,219.89.

Thanks very much to Lee, Loran and Dave for all you've done .


Collecting at Sainsburys Greengates, Bradford has helped the centre.

As mentioned in the past charity collections in supermarkets are not as easy to organise as they used to be so we're very grateful for any opportunities we get.

So it is with grateful thanks that we recognise the magnificent efforts to all at Sainsbury's, Greengates, Bradford for donating an amazing £476 to our charity collection last Saturday,14 January.

Yet again Morrisons Horsforth have gone above and beyond in helping us in 2016.

With the new charity collecting restrictions introduced by nearly all leading supermarket companies - including Morrisons, we expected a very lean time for our intrepid tin rattlers with the limited opportunities they could expect.
Nonetheless our total raised from the Horsforth site for 2016 added up to £2,659.58p

What's more we're off to a cracking start for 2017 with £567.85 with our January collection.

Many, many thanks to our collectors, those who donated and everyone involved at Morrisons Horsforth for making it a success.

We are grateful to be back at Morrisons Horsforth for the first collection there in 2016.

As many will be aware our visits cannot be at the same frequency or duration that we have formerly enjoyed, but nonetheless both staff and customers welcomed us back on the 11th February and donated £233.10 to our grateful volunteers - Tony Greaves, Karen Creed and Barbara Skinner.

As always, Sarah from Morrisons and our own Trevor were the organising forces and we are indebted for their work.