Joanne’s Chilly Challenge

Our manager Joanne, is undertaking the Arctic Wilderness Challenge to help complete the purchase of our new Infrared Sauna as well as hoping to raise funds to buy an air conditioning and heating unit for the chambers

We've had a magnificent donation allowing us to commit funds to purchasing the Infrared Sauna, however we're still short of the total amount and to that end Joanne is willing to undergo the perils of the arctic, yes really!!

Having to build her own igloo, create a shelter for the huskies and driving - or "mushing" across the arctic for up to 7 hours a day will certainly be challenge and she's in training for it now. To see what Joanne will have to endure check out the challenge here

Our team are always trying to make our members as comfortable as possible and this summer's wonderful weather was a challenge when undergoing HBOT and conversely it's a bit chilly in winter. With this in mind we're wanting to raise extra funds to purchase a combined heating/cooling system purpose built for our chambers. It's typical of Joanne to undergo the hardships of the arctic so that we can feel comfortable whilst undergoing our therapy!

If you could sponsor her she'd be really grateful and give her that inner glow as she looks out of her igloo. Sponsorship forms are available at the centre or contact Joanne or even easier, go to her newly set up Just Giving page