Tough Guys make it through

Josh and Dan finished the 2017 Tough Guy Challenge.
Fiercely competitive, the brothers had  both the adversity of sibling rivalry and the enormity of the course to overcome. Josh finished the course in 3hsr 37mins whilst Dan came in at 4hrs 10mins.

To get some idea of what the brothers endured click on the link below.

Tough Guy 2017

As Josh points out; despite treating the number of people we do, the centre receives no funding from the government or any large sustained donations, every penny the centre earns is from donations, which is why your generosity is greatly appreciated, especially now more than ever.

The centre used to share a patch of land with a large business which would let us use part of it rent free. But unfortunately that business burnt down and we had to move; the business paid the rent of our new premises for 3 years while the centre got back on its feet. That time has now come to an end and the centre must now fundraise an extra £30,000 a year on top of normal running costs just to keep the centre open.

Hundreds of people every week rely on the centre for treatment and without the generosity of the public, we would not be able to provide the services we currently can. So thank you for taking the time to read this and for helping to keep a brilliant charity going.

With nearly £1000 collected already, help them reach their target of £1500 by donating on their JustGiving page.