Coronavirus Precautions

How we are operating

We are now open but for our collective safety are having to take the following precautions.

We are now open Monday, Wednesday and Friday all day (9:00 - 17:00) and Tuesday (9:00 - 14:00).

At present we are only putting a maximum of 4 people in each chamber.   Please wear a mask before entering the building. Linda and Joanne have them on as well as plastic pinnies too. If you have any difficulties wearing a face mask please discuss your concerns with Joanne.

There is a way to enter and exit the chamber safely which we will explain as members come in for their session. Regrettably however, no one can stay for coffee and any carers must leave the premises whilst the session is on.

The sauna is also up and running and Joanne and another member have researched the virus viability and temperature.

As we are running well below our usual volume of people per session for safety reasons, we are obviously not doing as well financially. We need people who book sessions to turn up. Or, if they cancel with less than 24 hours notice, to please still donate for the missed session.  


It goes without saying, our running costs have risen and our income has dropped significantly.

If anyone can do any fundraising we would really appreciate it.  We have had plants and bird feeders donated to sell and we are hoping to get a quiz together for members to do online and donate £1 with the prize of a bottle of wine or box of chocolates up for grabs! The £1 could literally go straight in our bank if anyone has online banking or owe it until they come in again. We are still doing the bonus ball. Again, £1 and the winner of Saturdays bonus ball gets half of what we have taken on the bonus ball. So members could ring me or email their preferred number.
It all adds up and will help us get through this difficult time and the quiz might be fun and become a regular feature even after things return to "normal"!!