Here are a few bits of information and resources you may find useful for you and your carer.

MS Therapy Centres A listing of all MS Therapy Centres in the UK
MS Trust

MS Active Together 


MS Society

MS Society (Leeds)

MS Society (Bradford)

MS Society (Harrogate)

MS Holiday Homes

Information, Education, Research, Support

Do-it-yourself workouts to help mobility, fatigue and balance

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Trust

National MS Society

Leeds Branch of MS Society

Bradford Branch of MS Society

Harrogate Branch of MS Society

The M.S. Society branches own several self catering holiday homes that are set up and equipped to cater for people with M.S

Scientific papers

Long-term hyperbaric oxygenation retards progression in multiple sclerosis patients - D J D Perrins , P B James

The prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis in the Leeds Health Authority - Ford, Gerry, Airey, Vail, Johnson & Williams 1998

Treatment of mild traumatic brain injury with hyperbaric oxygen - Wright, Zant, Groom, Schlegel & Gillilang 2009

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cancer—a review

Hyperbaric oxygen and malignancies: a potential role in radiotherapy, chemotherapy, tumor surgery and phototherapy

HBOT and Fibromyalgia - Muratore,  Quarta, Sarzi Partini, Cosentino, Grimaldi, Quarta 2018

Hyperbaric Oxygen and diabetic leg and foot ulcers

A clinical practice guideline for the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers  Huang,  Mansouri, Murad,  Joseph,  Strauss,  Tettelbach & Worth 2015

Other Information

Hyperbaric Oxygen and radiotherapy tissue damage - Macmillan Cancer Support

Hyperbaric Oxygen and wound healing

HBOT and Multiple Sclerosis

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in cancer treatment

Fibromyalgia and Hyperbaric Oxygen

ME and Hyperbaric Oxygen

Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss and Hyperbaric Oxygen

Getting Out and About
Wanting a wheelchair friendly route? Accessible Nature have some great ideas both locally and nationally.
To help you enjoy your visit many attractions now have electric mobility vehicles for hire or free loan . Here is a small list of some venues around Yorkshire you might find interesting. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH THE VENUE FOR AVAILABILITY/BOOKING