Liam Dent is a highly skilled and experienced Therapist who is very familiar with Multiple Sclerosis. Qualified in Counselling Skills and Hypnosis, he is also an NLP Master Practitioner, a Certified Wellness Coach and an expert Workshop Leader.

Liam has been coping with his own Relapsing Remitting MS for nearly 9 years and he is all too familiar with the physical and psychological effects of MS. His vast experience in this field has given him the ability to become one of the UK’s leading therapists specialising in helping people to cope with the effects of illness, make effective lifestyle changes and put their lives back together. He has also helped people to: stop smoking, lose weight, get rid of fears/phobias, build confidence and change unwanted behaviour patterns.

MS robbed Liam of an extremely successful former career, but undeterred he fought back hard and made many changes in his life. The changes have been remarkably effective and he is now in a state of almost complete remission. So much so, that he has just been given the green light to come off his medication.

If you or somebody close to you has recently been diagnosed with MS, Liam is definitely somebody worth talking to.

His consulting rooms are situated in: Leeds (MS Therapy Centre), Keighley, Skipton and Shipley. He also does home visits.

On another level, Liam’s exciting and educational workshops are held at venues across the UK and even abroad. His workshops include titles such as: Increasing your Confidence, Emotional Eating, Managing Stress in the Workplace, NLP For Business and Effective Communication.

For people directly or indirectly affected by MS, Liam offers a free no-obligation consultation where-upon he will listen to you and help you explore the options available.

If you are interested in booking a consultation with Liam or you are wanting more information about his services you can contact him directly on Mbl: 07931 793103, Email: and also you can visit his website