Oxygen Therapy


Research from various countries, for example, USA, Russia, Argentina & Italy, shows that oxygen therapy can help ease the symptoms of many people who have Multiple Sclerosis.

By breathing pure oxygen while under increased air pressure many people find relief from their symptoms and, it is thought, some help in slowing down the progression of the disease. The centres started by designing their operations on information arising out of a controlled clinical trial in New York in 1980/1982. The results of the trial indicated both an improvement in symptoms and some protection from deterioration in more than half the people treated.

The results of subsequent studies in Britain and abroad varied from a worst of ‘no obvious change’ to a variety of positive changes.

Our centre has been providing the therapy continuously since 1985. In that time we have safely provided tens of thousands of individual sessions to people with MS and, in recent years, have also treated people with other conditions from slow-to-heal wounds or sores, to children with cerebral palsy and injured sportsmen and women. (See some of the comments left by members on the testimonials page.)


Chamber seating
Chamber seating

The therapy actually takes place in a metal chamber large enough to seat 6 people, who spend an hour under pressure, breathing pure oxygen through masks. They can read, knit, play cards and are easily able to talk with the operator at any time. Operators are skilled and trained. The therapy does not offer a cure but many people have benefited from reduced severity of symptoms and an improved quality of life.

A quick video by Solent  MS Therapy Centre gives a better idea of the insides of our chambers, regrettably we don't have any murals though! Obviously the opening times quoted on the video are those of the Solent Centre and not ours.

Our HDOT Session times are below. Members can call the centre to book a 'dive'. You are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the dive to avoid any delays. From November 2015, due to rising costs to the centre, we have had to increase our minimum charge for a session to £15. 

High Dose Oxygen Therapy (HDOT) explained

How a Barochamber Works

 Times of Dives

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