Testimonials and a few of the comments we've received about our centre and the therapies we offer.

After my son broke his leg on the eve of his first semi professional speedway season we were recommended to visit here to speed the healing process and they are absolutely fantastic. They got us in straight away, they are friendly and welcoming and are helping us greatly to get him back on the bike as soon as possible. Thank you so much, your facility is an amazing place and helps so many people with so many different ailments. Keep up the good work - Sam

The team are fantastic. Offering, support, advice & guidance wherever & whenever possible. A good social hub - to meet others with variety of needs & experiences.
Thank you Joanne for all the years - Ali

After beating throat cancer eating was not my strong point and my weight down to 8st 13 lb on stumbling across by accident the unit I have at least two sessions a week my taste is unbelievable compared to what it was and my appetite is back and I am now up to 9st 10 lb also wonderful staff say no more - Mark

As a carer...alternative therapist ..and a girlfriend with fibro .depression ...we have made small dents in the conditions utilising many therapies invluding spiritual healing ..colonics detoxing....karma therapy....massage therapy ..essential oils. And now oxygen therapy...first weeks results are very encouraging.....twice the energy...did 4 mile walk after 5 days.......twice the appetite which was surprising......but cognitive abilities massive improvment.... pain levels from 7 to a 4........so good to hear the other good stories as well...what a facility to have in west yorks.... - Phill

Just started diving here. Treating Lyme disease. Early days for me for this therapy but great facility and staff are fab! - Sharon

I have been going here about 10-11 years now. Really helps my fatigue as well as other symptoms. Friendly staff and met lots of other friendly people that go for therapy. Joanne the manager is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable - Abi

My Little Princess

My little princess has Epilepsy, Autism and learning difficulties. She is also nonverbal.
Our journey began when a friend told us about the Therapy and it was available for us in Leeds.
We have had 43 sessions and so far I have noticed:
Eye contact has improved
More persistent with communication
Is much happier and content
Vocalising on a daily basis
Initiating play
Communicating with other people through touch
People have become more meaningful
She has come out of her bubble
Tolerant of wearing something on her head
Able to sit for an hour at a time
Able to cope in busy environments
Learning self coping strategies
More aware of her surroundings, noises, voices and music, if she doesn’t like something she covers her ears.
This is only the beginning of our journey, Always remember stay positive and be patient…. Eventually you will see results.
Shazia Hadeed

Jamie  (Multiple Sclerosis Patient)

I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis around 8 years ago. I was lucky enough to be told about Leeds MSTC by a friend 6 months after my diagnosis and have attended high dose oxygen therapy ever since. HDOT has allowed me to continue to be a father to two little girls. It has helped me manage problems with fatigue and cognition. This means that although HDO has only helped with a deterioration in walking to a minor degree, but with its help in fatigue and cognition I have been able to remain as 'me' to a large degree.

I could not be the dad that I am without it.

Roy  (Multiple Sclerosis Patient) 

"I was diagnosed with MS in September 1989 and found out about the Therapy Centre through a friend whose wife had MS. I have primary progressive MS and have been using High Dose Oxygen Therapy for the last 15 years. I certainly believe that having oxygen therapy has slowed down the progression of my MS and notice when I go away on holiday I need to go to the chamber on my return as I find that I'm sluggish and my body has slowed down. 

I always look forward to going to the Therapy Centre as it's a friendly, caring and sociable place with all the staff and volunteers being so helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending high dose oxygen to anyone."  

Wendy - (Cancer Patient)

"Hi, I'm Wendy and in common with many other people who have cancer I use the  oxygen barochambers at the centre. It has helped me move fluid from my lungs, come off morphine and all other painkillers and gives a wonderful respite from daily life where you can just sit and read/write or daydream whilst receiving healing oxygen at the same time.

Many renown clinics around the world use HDO for cancer patients, including the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Mexico. It helps heal radiation burns, makes chemo work better, in fact in Germany they reduce the dose when someone is having HDO. It not only gets more oxygen into your healthy cells but the cancerous ones too! Any inflammatory condition, (of which cancer is one) will benefit. You also get to make new friends which is an added bonus!"

Dave - (Sports Injury)

"Hi, I'm Dave and I've been using the chamber for the last 10 weeks due to a mixed martial arts training accident where I snapped my supraspinatus tendon. As a result of this accident I had to have major surgery to repair my rotator cuff and re-shaping of my humerus bone. I was initially told that following surgery I would need to be strapped up from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of my arm across my chest for six months. After a discussion with my chiropractor, whom I trust implicitly, he suggested I try HDO therapy as it speeds up the healing process.

I contacted Joanne to discuss and started treatment following my operation. Ten weeks later and 44 sessions in I'm healing really well and have started light training with pads and flexibility training on the weight machines without weights though.

All in all I cannot recommend this highly enough as I@m delighted with my results so far."

J - (Autism)

"Hi, I'm J's mum. J was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old and previously would not respond to his name, make eye contact or react to different sounds.

We started to use the oxygen chamber in 2011 when J was five and I was delighted when following a session J said "mama" for the first time. It was just tremendous. I knew that J could sometimes understand me  but he couldn't express himself and that's very upsetting for both him and me.

J continues to use the centre and can look at people and objects directly. If I call him, he looks at me. He now makes pre-verbal sounds and is trying to vocalise things more generally. At night now if he is scared, he will call out "mama". J's teacher has also noticed that he is more alert and trying to communicate.

I've tried a lot of therapies previously and not seen any improvement. With this there have been definite improvements and I would like all children to know about this treatment and the help the centre gives."

"I have been having HDO for 12 years now and find it helps my bladder, coordination and energy levels. It's like  having my batteries recharged. You really know about it when you miss a session for whatever reason. I too have made some nice friends. Long may it continue"

"The benefits I have felt are increased energy levels, better sleep and relaxation. Shared interest and tips with fellow members and good social meeting time before and after sessions of treatment"

From our Facebook Followers:-

"I have been going here about 10-11 years now. Really helps my fatigue as well as other symptoms. Friendly staff and met lots of other friendly people that go for therapy. Joanne the manager is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable"

"My partner has treatment here twice a week. It makes a massive difference. Joanne and all the staff and volunteers are superstars."